Universidad Siglo 21 increased its retention rates by more than 10 points

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The challenge: achieving a positive impact to make data-driven decisions

For Universidad Siglo 21, continuous improvement of internal processes is part of the culture. When adopting prediction and recommendation models with Artificial Intelligence, the challenge was to help their areas to work in an even more integrated way to create a positive impact on retention and enrollment rates.

"The main challenge for universities is to ensure that students reach the end of their studies and are able to graduate. These are the variables that keep the leaders of educational institutions awake at night, but they are benefited and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence"

Implemented solutions

Machina Hi

Smart Enroller ™

Determined lead to student conversion probability and helped adopt strategies to increase enrollment

Heads Up

Dropout Shield ™

Centered in the freshmen segment, it identified the risk of dropout of the most vulnerable student population

Stay Around

Retention Partner ™

Increased retention rates, by identifying students at risk, and recommending actions to prevent dropout

In order to successfully implement the solution, our data scientists team worked on cross-referencing information from various internal and external, academic and non-academic sources. This provided more clarity to know the atomized population of students and offer recommendations in each case.

The importance of early action

The early action on low-risk students, and the focus on students with medium/high risk, represented a growth of 10.5 points over the expected general retentionrate, and 10.9 points over the retention rate of the first cohort..

Smart Enroller, implemented during the first period of 2021, increased the number of new entrants by 45% compared to the same period in 2020.

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An institution that was born to innovate

Siglo 21 is the largest private university in Argentina, with more than 70,000 students throughout the country and a wide academic offer that exceeds 45 undergraduate and 30 postgraduate programs.

It stands out for being avant-garde, innovative, and for continuously iterating its processes to ensure better academic and human quality.

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